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- Charles Song
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Nanotech Ceramics Co. is a professional manufacturer of inorganic (or ceramic) filler and flame retardant, and we put following efforts to provide high functional ingredients through various technical development of ingredient fields, which is a weakness of domestic technology.
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  • We try to only provide eco-friendly products grounded on use of non-toxic and harmless raw materials to follow the environment-friendly current worldwide such as Eco-Label.
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  • We try to increase mutual compatibility among organic or inorganic ingredients, such as surface coating and encapsulation, in inorganic (or ceramic) ingredients.
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  • We try to provide high functional ingredients which offer various functionalities not only of effectiveness in increasing quantity but also of flame resistance, optics, light weightness, adiabaticity, fire resistance, electrical characteristics, and more.
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  • We put efforts in product development by nanotechnology, following the current which seeks for ingredients’ high functionalization.
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  • We try to suggest a new paradigm of footwear industry by grafting high technology which cannot be seen in ordinary shoes through offering functionality in ceramic and composite materials, and applying it in various shoes.
Based on trust in continuous creativity and excellent technology serving as foundation, Nanotech Ceramics Co. has been devoted to developing new technology needed by customers through investment 


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